Why We Specialize In Condominium Maintenance Services

Being the best at something means gaining a wealth of experience in a specific field. We grew up in the building business having experience in home building, steel building installation and condominium services. Over the years in our home area of Somerset, Mercer and Hunterdon Counties we got to know lots of different properties.

What we learned from that experience was that many of the multi-family units built in this area had the same chronic, built-in problems. When these sites were under construction they were simply built without enough care and oversight. Poorly dried framing lumber can twist and shrink causing imperfections in interior walls and in some cases, reduce their intended structural integrity. Many of the windows, doors, plumbing and other hardware is of low quality and fail to perform as expected by the unknowing owner.

We have seen it all, and have, in all cases devised innovative and structurally sound repairs that solve these problems once and for all. By concentrating on co-owned residential and commercial properties we have a significant advantage over other, more general building firms. This kind of experience can translate into faster more economical repairs.

When we respond to your call we come prepared. It is not unusual for us to arrive with all the expected materials needed for your repair. For instance we probably know the roof color and can match the dimensional profile.

We also know how to behave in and around your home. Our jobsite protocols assure fast response, site protection and professional behaviors. An advanced computer based monitoring system assures customer communication and the most up to date information.