Roof Leaks In Freezing Temperatures

Even when the temperature is well below freezing we hear from customers about water intrusion around outside walls. This is a condition commonly known as an ice dam. During cycles of thaw and freezing, especially during certain types of precipitation, roof gutters and valleys will get clogged with ice and frozen snow.

Acting as a dam, these accumulations generally thaw from the top down. However the melting ice is impeded from its natural downward flow by the accumulated mass. The only place for the water to go is up under the roof shingles.

There are a number of solutions to the problem. In an emergency the quickest way to release the back pressure and restore a natural flow id to physically get up on the roof and clear the accumulated ice and snow. But that is a reactive solution.

New roofing materials called ice shields, now manditory for new construction and replacement, are installed on the lower portion of the roof. This waterproof membrane protects the integrity of the roof even if ice accumulates on the lower sections.

If your building is susceptible to ice dam conditions but a replacement is years off, here are several topical solutions. Heating coils can be installed in chronic areas. These thermostatically controlled devices will heat the area in freezing weather and keep ice from forming. Keeping the area clear of accumulations means regular, active attention after heavy snow and ice storms.

Doyle Brothers is well equipped to address any leaks, ice dam, or roof replacement projects with capable and skilled craftsmen. Our year round, veteran staff follows strict safety and job site protocols assuring a clean, quick and curious solution to any roof related problem.