What To Do When It’s Time to Upgrade.

Every building reaches a point where–whether due to age or wear—major building components will need to be replaced and upgraded. It doesn’t help that in our experience, we’ve seen many condominiums and co-ops originally built with “value engineered” windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and heating/cooling systems. These lower-end products are made from materials that are less durable and have a shorter lifespan, costing associations thousands in the long run.

Replacing these components with higher quality materials can make a huge improvement on the property. New quality exterior items such as windows, doors, and siding are not only visually attractive but generally add bullet points to a sales pitch and increased value to a bottom line.

Upgraded interior items cost less in maintenance and upkeep, have energy conservation advantages and have a much longer life span than their lesser counterparts. This means large savings and higher resale value over time. Other interior upgrades such as adding a master bath suite, whirlpool tub, or replacing major kitchen appliances can also increase a condo’s value greatly.

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